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News Placeholder-2021

U.S. tech firms have urged President Donald Trump to assuage European fears about the future of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield after Trump’s executive order striking privacy protections for foreigners, Fortune reports. While legal analysts have “downplayed that concern by pointing out that the order seems to include an exception for Privacy Shield,” the report states, “given the recent skittishness of European regulators about U.S. surveillance, calls are mounting for the White House to publicly reassure Europeans the order doesn’t affect their data.” The Computer and Communications Industry Association’s Bijan Madhani added that “Transatlantic digital trade is valued at $260 billion annually, and we would encourage the Administration to keep these substantial economic benefits in mind.”

Quelle: IAPP

Editor’s Note: The IAPP will host Privacy Shield one-on-one consultations at the Europe Data Protection Intensive in London, England, March 14-16.